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Recipe Finder WordPress Plugin

We have developed a basic plugin which allows you to add the search functionality of Recipe Finder, the largest recipe search engine, to your WordPress powered blog. The Recipe Finder for WordPress functions both as a widget and can be added to posts or pages with the use of a shortcode.


Our plugin allows you to select whether to search Recipe-Finder or our Russian recipe search engine,, and delivers the top recipe results in a fully customizable widget.

The plugin can be customized in design, width and scroll functionality.


You can download the plugin from WordPress Extend or use this direct download link.


  • Upload the recipe_finder folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/)
  • Activate the plugin through the plugins page of your WordPress installation
  • You can customize settings under Options->Recipe finder

Use as Widget

Go to Appearance->Widgets and add the widget the widget area where you want it to be displayed.

Use in Entries

You can also add the Recipe Finder search widget to entries or pages, thanks to a simple shortcode. Use [wp-recipefinder] where you want to display the recipe search widget.

Shortcode Parameters

Our plugin can be used in multiple instances on your site and just like with the widget, you can customize the complete display when using the shortcode, with any combination with any of the following parameters:

Width: [x_size = "180"]
Height: [y_size = "320"]
Excerpt length: [summary_length = "300"]
Max. Title length: [title_length = "100"]
Scroll speed: [scroll_speed = "50"]
Max. number of results to display: [num_of_entries = "5"]
Pause scrolling for: [pause_time = "3000"]
Open links in new window: [open_new_window = "1"]
Widget theme: [theme = "0"] – values {from 0 to 10}
Display widget title: [widget_header = "1"]
Display excerpts: [news_content = "1"]
Display link to Recipe Finder: [widget_promote = "1"]
Use rounded corners: [rounded_corners = "1"]

[wp-recipefinder x_size = "180" y_size = "320" rounded_corners = "1" theme = "2"]