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How to Make Perfect Roast Turkey

Perfect Roast Turkey

It’s one thing to roast a turkey, but it’s a whole different thing to make¬†perfect roast turkey. Anyone who has had only a little experience in roasting a whole turkey will admit to this, and anyone who has had decent experience will also tell you that they had to get over a few bumps before Read more…

7 Ways to Prepare Turkey


The turkey, as we know it, originates from the forests of North America. When this bird was first spotted by the Europeans eons ago, they thought it was a kind of guinea fowl. The name turkey comes from the fact that the birds were imported to Central Europe via the country Turkey. The Europeans then Read more…

What to Eat on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Plate

There are certain expectations when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. The traditional turkey is always present in most American tables on this night, together with the appetizers and side dishes that are usually served during this holiday. While there is no law against serving other dishes on Thanksgiving, traditional dishes make the holiday all the Read more…