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Japanese Food for the Home Cook

Japanese Food

Japanese food is well loved all around the world, and if you need more proof of this, just take a look at the latest from Michelin: Tokyo continues to retain the honor of being the world’s gourmet capital. Although this means that restaurants in Tokyo that feature other cuisines play a role, it does support Read more…

Expand Your Repertoire Ten-fold with Rice Recipes

Easy Chinese Egg Fried Rice

In many parts of Asia, rice is THE one thing that will never be missing from the table. Just as some people always have to have bread or potatoes with their meal, rice is the staple food in many Asian countries. Rice grows wild in this part of the world, especially in Southeast Asia. It Read more…

Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are common in Asia. These are sweet treats that come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They are served during festivals and as a dessert or snacks. It can be filling, so make sure not to eat too much if you are planning to eat other meals. I grew up eating rice cakes Read more…