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American National Chocolate Week – Main Dish Recipes

American National Chocolate Week – Main Dish Recipes

It’s National Chocolate Week! Let me repeat. It’s National Chocolate Week! Throughout this week we will share recipes that involve all the chocolate you can handle and a few chocolate trivia and fun facts. Did you know chocolate is good for you?┬áIt’s true! Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and is more powerful than blueberries according Read more…

Why You Should Snack on Dark Chocolate

Lovely chocolate - but is it healthy?

Almost everyone loves chocolate, but we all know how too much chocolate can be bad for you. The trouble is that with milk chocolates, even just a little portion is already too much. After all milk chocolates have very high sugar content, in fact a bar of Hersheys chocolate is equivalent to about 7 teaspoons Read more…