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Valentines Day Ideas for Couples with Kids

Delicious Valentine cake but how about something for the kids?

Valentines day is supposed to be a romantic day, but anyone with kids know that it is quite hard to make the day romantic when you have to all the kids and chores to attend to. So instead of having a relaxing day and a nice romantic dinner, a lot of couples end up just Read more…

Why You Should Snack on Dark Chocolate

Lovely chocolate - but is it healthy?

Almost everyone loves chocolate, but we all know how too much chocolate can be bad for you. The trouble is that with milk chocolates, even just a little portion is already too much. After all milk chocolates have very high sugar content, in fact a bar of Hersheys chocolate is equivalent to about 7 teaspoons Read more…

Knowing Your Veggies: Beets

Knowing Your Veggies: Beets

Beets have always had a bad rap, with children going ewww as soon as they hear that beets will be used. Perhaps because this funny looking crimson bulb is not the prettiest of vegetables, or perhaps its simply because it is a vegetable. After all, those who reject beets without even tasting them probably don’t Read more…