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Sold as “extra virgin” oil that can really only be considered as “virgin” is a consumer fraud similar to labeling a rabbit while actually selling a cat. But today, according to a report from the OCU, many brands are engaging in this kind of activity.

Personally I put oil aside since I noticed that one of the bottles of liquid gold that I keep in my cupboard and I had for “extra virgin” actually let me down. And according to various chemical and physical analysis conducted by professionals within the OCU responsive to the demands of the European Union, I learned that my bottle, my darling, of “extra virgin” has nothing “virgin” in it and to my greater disgust, the oil was on the list of “not recommended”.

 olive oil

olive oil

This is quite common among consumers when comparing brands. The cheapest oil sold as “extra virgin” at a cost of € 2.66, and the most expensive out for €4.94 a liter, it is disconcerting, and forces one to spend long stretches from one side to another of the shelves of the “super” stuff, vainly trying to understand the trick to get a bottle of oil without putting on a nerd face.

But sticking to the report, some of the cheaper oils are considered among the best and are even recommended based on their value/price ratio. It is quite shocking, especially when expensive or average quality oils and other moderately priced ones when it comes to make the cut of the tasting, this aspect being considered as “bad” or “very bad”.

All this is strange, as it was the controversial analysis of the bad milk, also by the OCU , but in this case, I will avoid mention brands mentioned in the report in order to everyone draws cleanly and without coercion his own conclusions. I’ll just say, being an objective fact that the best oil quality/price of the ranking is, to my surprise, the Hacendado brand, with a rating of “good quality” and a price of €2.76/liter. And not to stay quiet if I did mention the black sheep of the report, Maeva oil, considered as “lamp oil”, a type of quality oil so low that not even be considered “fit for consumption” despite to be sold as “extra virgin”.

In fact, the inconsistency in the field of prices and these brands labeled olive oils, which assumes a minimum quality, it is also applicable to other products. But this time, to play for the oils, many of us destroyed the sand castle and put the holy virginity to the question, a fact that, assuming good OCU analysis would require the intervention of the consumption controlling authorities, starting with consumers themselves.

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