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Why do our fruits and vegetables die out?

Many of our plants of cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, vegetables, etc., have been dying out in a rush since the early twentieth century. Perhaps the fact of having no eyes, no hair, no legs, no plant species allow little heart to reach consumers as they have done with pandas, Iberian lynxes, tigers, Asian elephants, whales, sea turtles, or any of the hundreds of species of animals in danger of extinction, but the reality is as or more serious than these, and the possible consequences on food.

 fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables

Data show the dramatic decrease in over 90% of plants in the United States attending to all of cereals, fruits and vegetables analyzed, a reality extrapolated to the great majority of the crops and the rest of the world, which means the loss of an inheritance of more than 10,000 years, since man began to cultivate and gather in the Neolithic.

But why do our plants die out?

The main reason, says Charles Siebert in an article called The Ark of seeds, published in National Geographic, is due to the interest of big companies to fill the shelves of the supermarkets of “modern fruits and vegetables single variety “outstanding in shape and color, and not for its taste.

Aside from the fact never see a plant or its fruits except in painting, which is why the society shows its sensitivity to the disappearance of animal species, extinction of cereals, fruits, vegetables or legumes used for food, poses a serious risk to the parallel threat of pests and adverse effects of climate change on species surviving.

In his interesting article, Charles Siebert cites the case of the dramatic disappearance of many wheat varieties as a result of the advance from the heart of Africa to a fungus known as “black rust”, which threatens to jeopardize 90% of wheat in the world. But like wheat, many of the food plant depleted varieties exist today, could be threatened with the aggravating circumstance to exist a possibility of diminishing replacement.

Most of us used not to be concerned about the origins of the food we buy, facts such as the extinction of fruit and vegetable crops can make us think a few minutes, or at most, we can push out a bit but unfortunately, we lack the capacity to make our information flag a claim that a minimum impact on change. It’s another example, marginal and ridiculous to many, considering what we deal is playing with paper puppet to what we relegate our modern democracies. It also correct with food.

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