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Healthy mind and top body performance

Healthy mind and top body performance

Healthy mind and top body performance

So far we many times mentioned how important it is to train and exercise daily in order to have optimal sports scores. Obviously, eating a proper diet with adequate caloric intake (no great abuse, of course), increasing our performance and allows us to go further, getting us to overcome some limitations which a priori seemed unbeatable. But there is also something that we should not put aside, and that we had better both in our daily lives, as when we make any kind of sport: a healthy mind.

What do we mean by a healthy mind? Basically a mood that is not wrapped by anxiety, nerves or a competitive spirit that our chances are drown in the sea of frustration. Reaching a state of calm (or inner peace), is not easy and accessible to all (even less if we train in this respect). In moments of maximum effort, we need to have a great mental toughness to withstand a little more and get everything you have inside. Also for cases where we need to be focused and free from pressures and fears: free throws in basketball, a penalty in football, a match point in a game of tennis…

To do this, rest before a very important game. If the night before any kind of effort we rested properly, we will be much cooler and better off than if we slept little because our problems would not let us sleep. This obviously is not something that only happens to us when we made a sport, but in moments of study or when our jobs require us to be at the top of our concentration. We all have weeks when little rested we have some concerns, and it is clear that our work performance is affected. This is clearly extendable to sports.

And for this we have no magic recipe, a food before starting an activity allows us to relax and leave everything aside. A good athlete must leave all his worries aside when he jumps onto the field, and focus only on what is happening at that time. It has nothing to do with the performance we have when we are at peace with ourselves when our problems and insecurities attack us. And not only our individual results will be affected, but if we are part of a team, this potentially will suffer severely, it may also generate other situations that jeopardize the competitiveness of it.

Therefore, we must understand the sport as an activity in which we want to be the best, but as an activity that allows us to get away from the world’s problems, and make the best of ourselves in other areas. As great athletes say: “what happens on the track stays on the track.” Basically it’s just fun. And if we strive to be happy and supportive in all aspects outside the sport, it will clearly benefit, as it will encourage greater confidence in ourselves, and we will be much better.

Remember: in addition to a good diet and practice a lot and the best food to make the best of ourselves in the sport, a healthy mind plays the key part: concentration, relaxation and security in ourselves. The results speak for themselves.

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