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7 foods you should not eat any more

7 foods you should not eat any more

7 foods you should not eat any more

I recently read of a fairly standard collection of meals in the diet of most of us that we should never eat as they’re harmful for health for some reasons.

The apples – always praised and recently recommended as a snack to the office – are on that list. But as you can imagine, it is not recommended to avoid eating apples by the very nature of the apples, but for the dubious effect it can have on our bodies with a long-term consumption of pesticides that they carry with them. But they are not the only ones. Along with apples, there are 6 other foods we should avoid eating as much as possible. The best thing is that, apart from reporting, provides solutions. I summarized it:

1. Canned tomatoes. Cans contain a substance called bisphenol-A that the endocrinologist Ferderik Vom Salla of Missouri University related to various diseases. Hint: buy tomatoes packed in glass.

2. Not grass fed beef. Replacing grass and compound corn feed, with soybeans and derivatives of chicken, to increase volume more quickly, reduces the quality of the meat, according to an ASDA study. Hint: buy grass-fed beef only.

3. Microwave popcorn. There are certain chemicals contained in these bags and if you just eat lots of popcorn, they may be associated with conditions such as infertility, according to studies at the University of Los Angeles, California. Hint: make popcorn in a traditional style in a pot or pan with oil.

4. Nonorganic potatoes. Lot of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides that are thrown to the potatoes, they end up being absorbed by the root. Washing them, therefore, it’s worth noting, according to the National Organic Standards Board of United States. Council: buy organic potatoes.

5. Farmed salmon. If the shadow hanging over fish from polluted oceans, according to an article by Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute of Health and Environment at the University of Albany, farmed salmon are due to poor food, nutrient-poor, and rich in highly noxious substances. Hint: buy fished salmon (as apparently, those labeled as “fished in the Atlantic”, are actually farmed).

6. Milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones. RBGH or rBST hormones, used to increase milk production, are suspected of causing cancer, and have been banned in many countries. Hint: Buy organic milk, or in any case, make sure it is free of these hormones.

7. Conventional apples. Like potatoes, apples, do not develop resistance to pests and are sprayed with pesticides very often. Hint: buy organic apples. If not, peel or wash apples and rub in the sink long before having a bite.

Unfortunately, neither seen white coats, nor do I have test tubes at home with which to analyze the food we discussed in this article, but I hear and read the experts in everything that has to do with health and nutrition, and some things just do not go through the filter of one’s common sense. Whether because of this, either by sheer ignorance, or because the analysis is based on findings from scientific analysis, the truth is that I feel with the right to doubt these foods, and also to share my doubts.

We’ve all heard that the “levels of the substance contained by this product are within the permitted margins,” but the thread of this, many questions arise such as: Where is the limit of what is allowed and what is not allowed?, to what extent permitted levels can not cause, applied to all food, harmful effects on the body?, did many substances on levels are innocent simply because they failed to prove otherwise?, taking into account the background, it is possible that what today is considered “allowed”, tomorrow could not be so?

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