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How to produce more breast milk

How to produce more breast milk

How to produce more breast milk

Did you just become a mother? Congratulations!

If you’ve just become a mother and you are breastfeeding your baby, it is very possible that you are concerned with producing enough breast milk for your baby is well fed and for the desired time. World Health Organization recommends that babies be fed with their mother’s milk up to 2 years, but it should be not least than 6 months. I am also a mother, so it’s a pleasure to share my experiences and in this case, my knowledge about the dietary advice to produce more milk.
Tips to produce more breast milk

My advice to help them produce more milk are based more on tradition than science pure and simple, but since they are highly recommended foods with beneficial properties for many other things, you lose nothing by trying. Here are my five tips recommended foods to produce more breast milk:

1. Drinking beer without alcohol (0.0%) at each meal.

2. Eating a handful of walnuts (about 50 g per day).

3. Take alfalfa tablets, natural medicine. It is as alfalfa meal, but in large quantities through a pair of capsules.

4. Drinking a daily infusion made from anise, fennel and malt or chicory. Herbs (with half teaspoon of each is enough), you can take in the moment when the water starts to boil, letting them sit for a few 5 minutes. Then you have to brew the tea, of course.

5. Drinking water in the recommended amounts. About 2 liters a day.
There are also those who advocate the drinking of milk from cows, but there is much controversy with this topic. In any case, would drink milk as an additional supplement our intake of water, with a healthy dose of fat, calcium and other extra contributions. Beyond food, to produce milk in the right conditions, it is also recommended lots of rest and get away from stress.

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