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20 legends about cutting onions without tears

 The art of onion chopping

The art of onion chopping

In the kitchen, onions are the cruelest among the vegetables. Just give it a little cut and it has no qualms about making you cry as soon as it can.

Why do we cry when chopping onions?

The scientific reason is that by splitting our knives into the flesh of the onions, it releases substances known as “alliinases”, triggering the formation of “syn-propanethial-S oxide “, the true head of drama.

If scientists are the reasons, the catalog of remedies not to cry when chopping onions while the world of discharges urban legend over the centuries, and I’m going to play next, is a true example of the power of imagination and suggestion. If you find the “little theme” in a talk with any family or friends, you will find those who defend their theory about the perfect technique for cutting onions without shedding a tear.

I’ve been collecting amazing legends few days on ways to chop onions without crying, some with some truth, others doubtful, and most absolutely absurd, arising as a result of many a joke and perpetuated due to the very nature of human beings.

1. Chewing gum mint.
2. Holding a piece of bread between the teeth.
3. Hold a match between the teeth.
4. Getting in the crown that is cut out of the corner of the onion.
5. Meter onions in the freezer 10 minutes before chop.
6. Soak the onion cut in half with hot water.
7. Put a glass of water with the onion while the pikes.
8. Place two good handfuls of salt between oneself and onion.
9. Dip the knife blade with water.
10. Light a candle with the onion.
11. Wet hands and wrists.
12. Chop the onions in the direction of the fibers.
13. Spray the knife with a little vinegar.
14. Breathing through your mouth.
15. Placing a fan and turn on the side, facing the onion.
16. Dip the onions in lemon water 5 minutes before chop.
17. Rubbing eyes with cotton soaked in ice water.
18. Chop the onion with a mouthful of water.
19. Click a bread crumb on the tip of the knife.
20. Put a slice of lemon in each corner of the table in which the onion slices.

It is not my intention in this article to provide new insights into chopping onions without tears, but simply to record how far this issue has gone into kitchen stories over time. And it is that all the legends that I just mentioned are taken from actual testimonies.

I am among those who accept the tears with all the dignity I can. I have even put on a disc and a photo of me while chopping onions and I’ve lived to tell. But tears made onions an issue, so if you look at any cost effectiveness, I recommend you 4 options: wear goggles, cut onions directly submerged in a bowl of water (if it’s possible), using a chopper, or shirking off it upon the first passer by.

The middle path (the technique that I use, it implies tears, but somewhat less), involves peeling the onion, cut it in half, put the cut on the table with a knife and chop very fine and thin.

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