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It’s not all chocolate that we call chocolate

 Chocolate and not chocolate

Chocolate and not chocolate

As there are great deal of chocolate varieties, discussions about their cons and pros can give you hard times. Many say that chocolate is good for health, and they are right, while others say it’s bad, and it is not to be denied.

The reason for this double and contradictory statement is all too generic use of the word we apply to chocolate. And, while Inuits use more than 100 different terms to refer to snow in most parts of the world it’d be ridiculous to do the same, in similar fashion under the simple name of chocolate a wide range of cocoa derivatives as dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, in drink, in tablets or powder are meant. (In English, chocolate, in French chocolat, in German schokolade, in Portuguese chocolate, Italian cioccolato, in Polish czekolada, in Swedish Choklad, etc).
So, to emphasize the tagline “pure”, “with a specific % cocoa”, “black”, “milk” or “white”, in the case of chocolate, it is essential if we are to make sense of the type rating “Chocolate is good”, or “chocolate is bad”.

The “good” chocolate

To oversimplify, one can say that chocolate has more beneficial properties the higher your rate of cocoa. A chocolate paste with a proportion of cocoa near or above 70%, possesses a high level of antioxidants, magnesium and phosphorus. A regular consumption of dark or black, the “real” chocolate, could significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease due to its positive effects on the circulatory system decreasing bad cholesterol, increasing blood flow, etc. it is also considered as anticancer, anti-depressant product, etc.

The “bad” chocolate

But milk chocolate is a previous interpretation of such a high proportion of sugar and saturated fat from cocoa butter (the cocoa fruit fat extracted from the fruit peel and the pulp itself) and milk derivatives, the benefits of the minimum percentage of cocoa (in most cases, less than 40%), are overlapped by the damage done by the other ingredients. The case of so-called “white chocolate” would be the end of corruption the term chocolate, being solidified cream cocoa butter mixed with milk and sugar, it does not have among its components the main ingredient of chocolate – cocoa paste. So if milk chocolate has some chocolate in most cases, you can say white chocolate has none.

Therefore chocolate is not everything we label as chocolate, and it should be taken into account. To be fair, maybe we should refer to the cocoa paste to refer to the essence of chocolate, and not smear the health benefits reputation of this outstanding product with the bad press milk chocolate, chocolate syrup, chocolate cream, etc should have.

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