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Breakfast cereals: The best way to start the day

Breakfast should be, as indicated by nutrition experts, the most important meal of the day. At least, you must give it 25% of daily calories. You should start the day full of energy to perform all the tasks that lie ahead.

The most desirable ingredients for a good breakfast are milk or a fruit juice and cereals, we can have them in many forms. You can accompany it with something sweet, cold cuts, cheeses, oils, eggs and so on.

Choose the one you like

Choose the one you like

Choose the one you like

Cereals for breakfast we are usually prepared from wheat flour, corn, oats and rice, among others. Then have diversified in terms of its components, flavors and additives, getting sugary cereals, honey, fruits, fiber, muesli, chocolate, and in different ways. Accordingly, we could classify the grain into three general groups:

- Processed: made from flour and without using whole cereal grain. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals and sugars and salt is added to enhance flavor. They have fewer nutrients than sugared.

- Integrated: is made from cooking, drying, pressing and roasting the grain. They appear mostly in the form of flakes and is recommended to be accompanied by dairy products or juice to enhance its properties. They are the most nutritious. To these fruit and muesli are added, making them fuller and richer on the palate.

- Puffed: is made with flour of various grains with a mass of air introduced, hence having a spongy texture and light, while crisp.

Essential components

Essential components

Essential components

The essential components of cereals are carbohydrates, the major source of energy. Then there are also composed of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and sugars that enhance the flavor and aroma. They are usually low in fat level, although these increases if they are coated with chocolate, honey and nuts are accompanied.

You can have them at breakfast with cold, warm or hot milk. The second most common form of ingestion is mixing it with yogurt.

Your breakfast cereals are full of energy and taste. And with all the varieties you choose, you can give a new twist every day at the first meal of the day.

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