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Salads of all kinds: Healthy and refreshing

Now when it’s hot outside, there is nothing better to cool off with one of the healthier, nutritious and rich dishes. We’re talking about salads, ideal as a starter, a meal or a light dinner. The advantage they have is that they can have a few ingredients (just a little tomato and tuna), or a lot for you to mix your own recipe.

International Salads

 International Salads

International Salads

If you want to surprise your guests, treat them like a king with an Italian flair. One of the most typical is the Caprese salad, which has tomato and mozzarella, with a little oregano or basil. Arugula should not fail in any self-respecting Italian salad. Moreover, the Antipasti consisting of dried tomatoes in oil, canned pumpkin and eggplant give the dish a sour touch.

On the other hand, the most important German salad is Kartoffelsalat that have onion, thinly sliced potato, fresh herbs, small pieces of frankfurters, olive oil and a touch of vinegar. Munich is also interesting, typical German salad with cabbage and bacon. A fairly consistent option because the meat is added.

The most modern ones

The raw material that forms salads today has evolved. From a typical salad with tomatoes and olives we have moved to more sophisticated dishes, but no more difficult to do at home, making salads a cutting-edge cuisine.

With cheese and foie gras, a favorite among discerning

The salads where they mix the spinach leaves with goat cheese or parmesan cheese, wrapping the plate, are favorites for more refined diners. The active ingredients can be added like two or three shrimp, ham or duck ham. Those skilled in the subject specified that sometimes less is more, the less ingredients you bring to the salads, the better. However, those ingredients must be of extreme quality and fill the stomach of a demanding public.

The leaves of any raw vegetables combined with foie gras are also on the agenda. Furthermore, all this can be watered for balsamic vinegar, olive oil or with berry sauce, to add color and flavor to dishes.

Fruit and improvisation

 Fruit and improvisation

Fruit and improvisation

For those who want to diet, fruit salad is a perfect option. The combination of various fruits is an option for it not to be boring. The trick is to mix different types of ingredients with something else. In the picture, a Chinese-style salad, simple and uncomplicated: kiwi, banana, orange, rambutan and mango, ingredients can be purchased at any grocery.

Sometimes the best option is spontaneous or improvised salad. That is, one that is done without going to the purchase, as it is to gather the ingredients we have in the fridge or pantry and will soon expire. Everything goes: corn, peppers, pickles, cheese or sausage. The important thing is to dress it with some greenery and a little aromatic oil. So easy and so healthy.

Fruit, vegetables, pasta, cheese blended with berries, rice, sausage, chicken or oriental touches, the possibilities are endless and salads are always delicious. Therefore, in addition to the summer, they are a great choice the year around.

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