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Potato: The most universal tuber

To say that potato is the most consumed food in the world would be a bit risky. But admitting that its presence is required in any kitchen, it would be so bold an assertion. We just have to think about the myriad of dishes that have it as an ingredient.

Its universality is supported by a story that starts in pre-Columbian civilizations, through Europe, thanks to the Spanish and the English sailors it began to be used heavily for food in Ireland and surpasses the other continents, settling comfortably in the culinary traditions of all countries. It is recognized as native areas, the impressive Andes in Peru.

What is this plant?

What is this plant?

What is this plant?

It is an herbaceous and lively plant. Thanks to the underground system it has; we can enjoy these fantastic tubers. Potato has a scientific name Solanum tuberosum and belongs to the Solanaceae family. Its cultivation is widespread in temperate regions around the planet and can be easily found in supermarkets, regardless of the season.

To classify the different varieties, you have to shuffle some factors, which include color and texture, tuber shape, resistance to diseases and pests or the color of the flesh. It requires much light for the cultivation and is very demanding in regards to irrigation. Furthermore, its collection should be done very gently, just so that the subsequent storage.

Take off the calories

The main component of potato is water, which is more than two thirds of it (77.5%). The rest of his composition is lipids (0.1%), carbohydrates (19.4%), protein (2%) and ash (1%). The potato is a food rather balanced but lacking in fiber, vitamins, calcium and an insufficient amount of protein. We could consider this tuber, an extraordinary source of carbohydrates, starch and potassium.

As for energy, it is important to know that, depending on how you cook it, you will get higher or lower calorie intake. By consuming it fried or as part of stews, you multiply the calories intake. On the other hand, if only boiled, mashed, steamed or baked, it will be maintain its nutritional and subtracting calories.

Kcal 80, Protein (g) 2.5, Fat (g) 0.2, Carbohydrate (g) 18, Fiber (g) 2, Potassium (mg) 570, Vit. B6 (mg) 0.26, Vit. C (mg) 18

Indispensable in the kitchen

 Indispensable in the kitchen

Indispensable in the kitchen

Nobody doubts the importance of the potato is in our diet. It is a nutritious and tasty food that we enjoy in many different ways combining with a multitude of ingredients. Accompanied by a wide range of foods as a side dish – pork, beef, chicken, boiled or fried fish, etc – it is delicious with tomato and complementing vegetables or tuna.

Small potato has earned a place of honor within the human beings’ diets. We fry it in long strips or bake, cook, or put it in the oven. Some people even eat them raw, peeled beforehand. Undoubtedly, the potato has been one of the greatest discoveries in the history of gastronomy for which our stomachs are eternally grateful.

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