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Cauliflower: An edible flower

Vegetables are a fundamental element of the food pyramid and cauliflower is a healthy alternative that we consider in our daily diet. Within the group of cabbages, cauliflower is one of the most consumed worldwide.

The edible part is the portion of tassel – the flower part – that is white or cream, depending on variety. It is believed to come from the Eastern Mediterranean, Asia Minor, Syria, Lebanon and then in the 16nth century to spread through Europe, today it is cultivated worldwide.

With regard to its nutritional properties, this vegetable is rich in calcium, which allows bone growth, phosphorus, essential for muscles to work well and iron, necessary for the production of hemoglobin and to prevent anemia. It has significant amounts of fiber, which makes bowel work well, although not always easily digested.

It also has a high vitamin value, especially vitamins C and E, which will all aid in states of nutritional deficiency. This plant has very little calories, so only forty calories per hundred grams, making it a suitable food for diets.

A product with a variety

 A product with a variety

A product with a variety

While consumers may seem that there is only one type of cauliflower, the fact is that there are many types, including:

-Chieftain: the density is appropriate for that is tight, a guarantee of quality.

- Cumberland: it has a large head of good quality.

- Guardian has an excellent quality, with good color.

- Minuteman: proper weight, and very uniform.

- Ravella: with good density and has the advantage that matures early.

- Rushmore: characterized by having a large head and a good flavor and texture.

- Snowball: white head is suitable for sale market.

At the time of purchase it is important to look at its hardness – it must be tight – and color, preferably white.

Ways to cook

 Ways to cook

Ways to cook

The most common is boiling. For a better cooking, it is advisable to separate the sprigs and, if one wants accentuate the white color, you can add a dash of milk. Moreover, as it has a certain proportion of sulfur, it gives off a distinctive odor when cooked, which can be unpleasant, hence, should cover it while cooking and add some bread crumbs.

If you do not eat the entire cauliflower, it may get spoiled. A solution for all food is freezing, and cauliflower is no exception. If boiled for three minutes and then cooled, it may be stored in the freezer and we can cook it without problems in the future.

There are multiple ways to cook it adding oil and vinegar or mayonnaise to bread or batter. You can also add it s a complement to salads, meats and, of course, make creams and purees.

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