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Appetizers and Good manners

Appetizers are served to whet your appetite just before a meal, usually lunch. However, on occasion, which should be just a stimulator, just satiated by abundance. Appetizers can include many different foods from cheeses, meats to seafood. It is often considered junk food for its little nutritional value and, in general, high caloric intake. For appetizers can be eaten in small portions and presented in dishes to which all guests come, it is often called ‘a bite’.

What is a good appetizer?

What is a good appetizer?

What is a good appetizer?

• Basic products

As in the case with the rest of our meal, we always seek the highest quality in everything we serve. In addition, when preparing an appetizer we must find a balance in terms of quality and consistency in terms of flavors. For example, a few shavings of high-quality ham should not be next to a snack made with a paste of uncertain composition and bathed in colors and preservatives.

• The presentation

In general as you can eat it in one bite, therefore, it is presented in small portions. Although often it is a casual dining, the look is very important: the arrangement on a platter or a plate, the way pieces are cut, the right proportion in sandwiches, kebabs, etc.

Most of these components can be eaten with your fingers and if you need to offer any special utensils or cutlery, we must be sure to provide them to all guests.

The sticks can be useful for the preparation and presentation to form small skewers or skewers stringing more than one product, but are forbidden to click and bring food to the mouth. As already mentioned, in these cases, use your fingers: olives, snacks, nuts, cheese, ham, sausage, mussels (if they are in the shell), croquettes, appetizers and everything that does not have salsa.

How to eat appetizers?

How to eat appetizers?

How to eat appetizers?

A cocktail or appetizer is a social act. It is a good time to expand and strengthen our relationships with friends. It gives us the ability to move freely and an advantage to use it to talk to the people you want and make the meeting varied and rewarding. But it has its drawbacks, particularly because some people do not know how to behave properly.

It is well known the attitude of some guests who monopolize a table or eat greedily so that destroying everything. It’s a matter of good manners and poise. Prudence and discretion are the cornerstones of a good image. It is important to note that we do not have an exclusive dish, but we have to share everything that is served with other guests, and split the same platter. Pounce on the food served or fill palms with different foods is hoarding.

Other important tips

Other important tips Other important tips

With appetizers we can have very different drinks, from wine to champagne, not to mention soft drinks, juices, cocktails or water. If you have appetizers standing, you hold a cup or glass with your left hand and eat with the right one. As you take food with your fingers, you could smear them, which is not desirable if you also want to greet an acquaintance. At this point, you must be equipped with a napkin holding it with the glass, so you can clean your fingers quickly.

There are probably some chairs in the lounge or garden, but they must be reserved for elderly or ones who need special care. You should never sit around the table, for you must leave open access to all the guests who want to approach it.

As for the sticks, olive stones or shells, we place them in the dishes and get to that end and not in ashtrays, on the same plate with the rest of the food or on the tablecloth.

Of course, the rules applied at any table must be remembered here.

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