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10 bad cooking habits that give bad taste to your food

Today I explain 10 bad cooking habits that give bad taste to your food and can even cause accidents.

1. Heating oil to smoke:
Many times we begin to prepare food and we heat oil and forget about it for a while, because it takes time to arrive at the proper temperature. This is terrible, because if you let oil smoke, it will lose its properties, making develop other harmful components if this heating happens over and over again, you also get a bad taste.

2. Stirring or turning the food too much:
It is tempting to move or stir the food so it will not burn, but if you’re moving it constantly it will give you another different flavor and consistency will not be the same, it may even be worse. Just move the food when specifically directed in your recipe.

Do not overheat oil

Do not overheat oil

3. Filling the pan to the top:
Cooking takes time, and when we lack it it’s very easy to fill the pan to speed up the process, but actually filling the pan causes the food to be cooked slower and may trigger steam, which will not keep your food crisp if that’s what you need. Adding a lot of meat to the pan will cause the temperature to drop very quickly which causes the meat to stick. So you better take your time to cook better food.

4. Do not let the meat rest once it is ready:
Cutting away the flesh makes juices to stay out of cooking, the juiciness of the meat will stay on the plate or cutting board, so you better let it stand for 5 minutes and enjoy the full flavor.

5. Rinsing meat before cooking:
Doing this can remove some impurities from the flesh, but you are contributing to bacteria in your sink that can be dangerous to other foods that you are going to rinse or even to your own dishes. Better use a kitchen paper towel to remove any residue.

6. Using non-stick coating pans at high temperatures:
This type of pans release substances that are bad for health when exposed to high temperatures. Always check the temperature which is suitable for use.

7. Using metal utensils on pans with non-stick coating:
This can be a bad idea, because you can scrape the surface of the pan, causing it to release any harmful substance. Use wooden or plastic tools.

Do not rinse meat

Do not rinse meat

8. Blending hot liquids without removing the stopper:
Many times we can use hot liquids in a blender without removing the stopper. Steam pressure can take off the stopper if it is in its place. To relieve pressure, remove the stopper and cover the hole with a folded towel to prevent the liquid spill, this way you can prevent an accident.

9. Putting “Pyrex” style glass dishes on the grill:
Although these dishes are designed to withstand high temperatures in an oven, the dish did not stand direct fire of the stove, since heat is not distributed and it can cause breakage.

10. Mixing ingredients longer:
Mixing it longer than it should be can cause the batter to be of a different unwanted consistency that will not make your food the way it should be.
I hope these little tips will help you not repeating these common mistakes and your food will be just right and very tasty.

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