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Another taste of beer

One of the most consumed beverage worldwide, beer, shows a wide variety to its lovers. The traditional ale (top fermented with yeast), lager (bottom fermentation) and spontaneous fermentation, resulting in numerous varieties: Pilsner, Black, abbey… all are a delight in a moment of thirst. The fruity flavors are also part of the flavor of this drink: the more features are those of lambic.

The origin of fruit beer, and where it’s almost exclusively produced, is Belgium, near Brussels. The traditional taste of barley is mixed with touches of berries, peach, apple or banana.

Careful preparation

Fruit beer

Fruit beer

The different types of beer pass through a similar process:

First, the grains of barley are left to soak, for germination. To convert into malt, water is removed and roasted. The wheat is malted.

Different grains are ground and mixed with water that is obtained and must be fermented later.

Hops are added and, usually, yeast, except in the case of ‘lambic’, which is produced by fermentation of yeast. It must convert sugars into alcohol. Carbon dioxide is part of this drink. In this way we obtain the ‘lambic’, which can be taken after processing. However, primarily it is intended to produce fruit beers, after re-fermentation is carried out by the selected pieces of sugar.

It is allowed to sit for about six weeks, so that the drink acquires the flavor of the fruit. The color varies as well: it goes from the golden tones to the red or orange, depending on the ingredients used.

Finally, it’s packaged before it starts rusting. This variety has 70% barley and 30% of wheat as main ingredients.

Types of fruit beer

Types of fruit beer

Types of fruit beer

This kind of beer is not consumed on a regular basis, perhaps because it is not as easy to be found as any ‘ale’ or ‘Pilsner’, for example. It is recommended to be accompanied with appetizers or desserts.

Belgian brewers say, the original variety is called ‘Kriek’, it is made with a type of cherries grown in Belgium, whose direct consumption is not very popular, but they are used in beverages. The ‘framboise’ is also very typical of Leembek region, a city that gives this type of beer with raspberries as its main ingredient.

Peaches and bananas are also extended to flavor the drink. They are characterized by having less amount of gas and foam than other varieties.

Refreshing and healthy

Refreshing and healthy

Refreshing and healthy

Beer is one of the most consumed beverages throughout the year worldwide. Although we not it has some alcohol, it is very healthy for the body. Its main ingredient, barley, provides potassium. Also in this malt beverage there are B vitamins such as B1 or thiamine, B2 or riboflavin, B9 or folic acid and B12 or cobalamin.

It also provides polyphenols, which act as antioxidants and soluble fiber, which facilitates intestinal transit. Although it’s always thought to be fattening, as a matter of fact it is shown that this is not true: 100 g provide only 45 kcal. Those responsible for weight gain are fat foods that often accompany beer. So long as the consumption remains moderate it is a safe option of an appetizer or even at a good meal.

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