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How to cook steamed food

Why steaming?

Steaming is a quick (no overturning required) and very healthy meal preparation, since in this type of cooking food does not lose any of its nutrients. It is also very light as it is cooked without any fat and very tasty as the food does not lose its flavor and aroma. Steaming also keeps the texture and color of the food. It is a very clean way of cooking because the food does not stick and utensils do not require a special cleaning.

How to cook steamed food

How to cook steamed food


It is important to use the steaming container. The most commonly used container is the pot with a mesh basket to fit in, but today we have on the market many instruments for steaming. There are many models of electric steamers that allow us to program the cooking time. Bamboo boxes are also very popular. The important thing is that the food does not take any time in direct contact with water. So, if you cook with bamboo boxes, ensure that the basket should fit perfectly with the dish that you put under, because if it is smaller it gets wet.


How to cook steamed food

Steamed food

With this type of cooking you can cook all kinds of foods: vegetables, fish, meat, cereals … Here we are some tips:

-You must choose very fresh products.
-For the steamed fish remains juicy it is best to be cooked whole or in large pieces.
-For more tasty meat, macerate it with herbs and olive oil for a few hours before cooking.
-Please note that the chard and spinach are not suitable for steam cooking as they lose their entire flavor.
-Make sure that the vegetable pieces are the same size so that they become cooked at once.
-If you cook rice or couscous, it is necessary to use a gauze cloth for grains not to slip through the holes, and it also will be easier to remove when cooked.

Cooking time

How to cook steamed food

Bamboo Steamer

The time will depend largely on the size of the food and the preferences of each. Here you have some guidelines for cooking times with the steamer pot (with the pressure cooker it will be much less):

-Fish: we know that is done when the meat is opaque rather than bright.
-Fish fillets: 4 to 5 minutes.
-Whole fish up to 350g: 8-9 minutes.
-Whole fish up to 1kg: about 15 minutes.
-Trout and salmon: about 30 minutes.

-Meat: It must be macerated as we have previously stated:
- Pork or beef fillet of: 15-20 minutes
-Chicken or turkey breast: 25 minutes
-Beef or pork into pieces: 20 minutes

-Vegetables: crispy is preferable:
-Broccoli, cauliflower or beans: 9-10 minutes
-Artichokes: 40 minutes
-Small Potatoes: 12 minutes
-Carrots: 10 minutes
-Peas: 3 minutes
-Sliced eggplant: 20 minutes
-Zucchini in half: 20-25 minutes
-Asparagus: 30-35 minutes
-Rice or couscous: 30 minutes


-You can prepare several dishes at once. Take advantage if you’re making a soup or stew to prepare a vegetable garnish. Or if you have an electric steamer put each food in a different level.
-To add more flavor to the foods we can cook flavored cooking water for example with special herbs, vinegars, wine (ideal for fish), bay leaves or lemon (ideal for seafood), …
-You can use the leftover clear soup to make a broth.

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