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Aphrodisiac Recipes for St Valentine’s Day

If you’re still looking for the perfect menu to enjoy St Valentine’s day, without a doubt here you can find them aplenty as because we have a lot of great ideas, as well as delicious recipes for your dinner you can cook on all lovers day.

However, I’d like to go beyond the traditional romantic table, and add a more personal and exotic touch. How? With exquisite aphrodisiac recipes for Valentine’s Day and an innovative combination of flavor that will leave your partner literally speechless.

Take a look at these most splendid menus prepared and delicious recipes complete with these aphrodisiacs.




Aphrodisiac Recipes for St Valentine's Day

Honey Sandwiches

Of course we had to start with an appetizer, as the night has to be long enough and should be savored slowly all meals proposed. What is the idea then? Delicious grapes and honey sandwiches are great to start in the best way, and they are fantastic to make your body release endorphins. Don’t forget that only such ingredients like honey and grapes do this job to perfection.

Main course

Aphrodisiac Recipes for St Valentine's Day


The main course could not be other than oysters. They are delicious and traditionally considered to be the most celebrated aphrodisiac in the history. Yes it is true that it is perhaps not one of the simplest dishes to prepare, but under the circumstances, and considering that this is a special occasion that occurs only once a year, I bet we can sacrifice a good amount of time to the kitchen and make this delicious recipe for the St. Valentine’s Day.

We offer a delicious preparation of oysters on the Half Shell with Mignonette Sauce with shallot, champagne vinegar and black pepper. What better way to stimulate all the senses? Cheer up with this recipe! It’s really easier than it looks, and if it is a dish that for your partner will certainly be a whole new experience to share.


Aphrodisiac Recipes for St Valentine's Day


Or yes dessert! Some chocolate is a must-have. Why? Because chocolate is one of the most traditional and classic aphrodisiacs of all time. It was used in ancient Rome as one of the most effective ways to stimulate sex drive, plus it is still used today for the same purpose.

The proposal is a delicious recipe for moist chocolate cake. Soft, succulent, sweet enough, and very creamy, what more could you want? I bet there’s no better dessert to finish this dinner as best aphrodisiac.

Photos: Better Homes and Gardens, Alison H

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