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Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

One of the most ingrained habits in all cultures of the world is celebrating the days marked with a great culinary feast. Without doubt the best way to enjoy the most romantic day of the year is an intimate dinner with your loved one. With Valentine’s Day approaching, lovers embark on the search for the perfect gift, but perhaps no better proof of love is to surprise your partner with a delicious menu? This year we embark on the pleasure of cooking: we give you ideas and you put the apron on.

Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner

In general, a romantic dinner has to be light and delicate, characterized by very special food, which tasted very occasionally and, of course, outstanding in quality. It never hurts to opt for aphrodisiac mythology: strawberries, sparkling wines, seafood, spice or chocolate … They often become usual ingredients in a full-of-passion menu.

Starters and main courses

Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

Warm spinach salad

The seafood is always a good choice to start a dinner. Alone or in scrambled or salads this is a good way to begin to whet your appetite: oysters, scallops, prawns, crayfish … They are also very easy to prepare in canapés (smoked, pâté, caviar, duck ham, cheese) and kebabs (chicken and pepper, pork and pineapple, shrimp and mushrooms, vegetables, eggplant, ham and cheese).

We cannot fail to mention the delicious warm salads, where you can test your creativity. For example, a salad of endive, tomato and cilantro garnished with shrimps, sautéed baby eels or a little garlic and olive oil. There are also an excellent spinach salad served with fruit (pomegranate, tangerine, apple, grape), nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, raisins) or cheese (blue, greasy, goat).

Also assured success is opting to make some cold dishes as mousse, carpaccio or cocktails, both meat and fish or seafood. By the way, do not forget to prepare a fondue or raclette. It can be a fun and convenient alternative to enjoy a romantic dinner.

The strongest bite

Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

Baked Fish

For main courses we must always bear in mind that the choice has to be robust and flavorful, yet sober. So, fish and most delicate and finest meats always hit the nail on any table. Do not forget to always prepare something easy to eat: plenty small bird bones or fish bones with many thorns can test anyone’s patience.

The options are endless: sirloin, stuffed meat or fish, a good steak, swordfish, cuttlefish, salmon, monkfish, scallops of meat or fish … all grilled, broiled, or accompanied by a light sauce. Remember to make good use of oils and balsamic vinegars and spices: the right combination will guarantee you the greatest satisfaction.

Finally, sweet

Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

Fruits and Chocolate

Fruit and chocolate are two basic ingredients when combining the best dessert for Valentine’s Day. An exotic fruit salad (mango, papaya, pineapple) and strawberries, drizzled with honey or caramel can be an easy option as well as chocolate fondues. Ice cream is also a good alternative: cava and lemon sorbets are delicious.

You can make a chocolate mousse, homemade chocolates or a cake, though, if you do not want to complicate, you can use strawberries or nuts with cream, candy or ice cream. Indeed, it takes cinnamon or vanilla to flavor your dessert: the well-known aphrodisiac effect will be the icing on the cake of an unforgettable dinner.

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