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Bible-era Themed Christmas Dinner Ideas

People enjoy the Christmas season for different reasons, from the repetitive Christmas jingles to annual family gatherings. No matter what your favorite thing about the season may be, to Christians the reason for the season still remains the same – the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Nativity Scene

If you want to have an “authentic” Christmas experience as much as possible, why not go back to the Biblical times with a Bible-era Christmas themed dinner party? Christmas themed dinner parties will surely be a dime-a-dozen this season, but with a Bible-era Christmas themed party you can be sure that yours will be unique.

Two of the best Bible-era Christmas dinner menu suggestions I’ve come across are the “Bethlehem Shepherds Menu” and “Wise Men of the East Menu”.((FoodTimeline)) The menus did not list any recipes, but I added links to recipes that you can use to recreate the dishes, or at the least whip up something similar.


Bethlehem Shepherds Menu

Baked Eggs in Sour Cream

Eggs in Sour Cream – Though the Biblical eggs and sour cream recipe probably means simply pouring sour cream over your eggs, I have found two great egg recipes that are definitely more palatable. This savory scrambled eggs recipe relies on the last minute addition of sour cream for a different, but still light, fluffy, and tasty version of scrambled eggs. This recipe for baked eggs in sour cream, is just as delicious but much easier to cook than the scrambled eggs version with all the whisking involved for the first one. However, it does require a bit more time to cook.

Shepherd’s Pie – Shepherd’s pies are something most of you are probably familiar with, but I’m quite sure that you’re familiar with recipes that include potatoes as one of the main ingredients. All of the recipes do not include potatoes, just like Biblical-era pies. This Traditional Shepherd’s Pie recipe uses lamb as its main ingredient. You can also go meatless using Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie recipe. If this is your first time baking anything, you might also want to go for this Shepherd’s Stove Top Pie recipe for a super easy to make dish.


Fresh Green Salad – With so many ways to prepare fresh green salads, you won’t have a hard time finding a recipe you like. You can go for a really light recipe like this Green Bean-Fennel Salad with Fresh Herbs, or you can go for a more traditional Israeli salad like this Cucumber Yogurt Za’atar Salad. A Classic Tabbouleh is also a good idea, since this Arabic dish dates back to the Bible-era. Other Tabbouleh versions you might want to try include this Bulgur Tabbouleh Salad and Ratatouille Tabbouleh Salad.

Gingered Prunes – Another impossible-to-find recipe on the web, what you can do instead is to adapt this Gingered Fruit recipe by substituting the canned fruits with prunes to make homemade gingered prunes. You can also opt to just dip your prunes into the Ginger Dip from this recipe.

Peachy Spiced Cider

Pine Nut Wafers – Use any wafer recipe you like, adding grated pine nuts into the mix to make pine nut wafers. Wafer ideas include this Tuile Wafer Recipe and Gorgonzola Wafers Recipe. Just make sure you don’t forget the pine nuts!


Wise Men of the East Menu

Peachy Spiced Cider

Spiced Cider– Spiced cider is something we’re all familiar with, and in fact can easily relate to Christmas. Here’s a short list of spiced cider recipes guaranteed to spice up your dinner party:


Chaldean Prunes – Serve up a platter of prunes as appetizer or dessert. You can use the gingered prunes recipes above for this one.

Lemon Ginger Chicken

Lemon Chicken – A great main dish that is definitely a cut above the usual deep fried chicken, lemon chicken dishes will leave you wanting for more with its combination of tart and sweet. Here are a few lemon chicken recipes you might want to try:

Cucumber Chickpea Salad

Chickpea Salad– Whether canned or fresh, chickpeas are great for tasty filling salads. Below are some salad recipes that highlight the chickpea as its main ingredient. The great thing about these recipes is that each are very different yet all so easy to make.

Persian Cream Ring– Admittedly baffled by this entry, I decided to look for other Persian desserts that would satisfy anyone’s sweet cravings. Some Persian dessert recipes I found include the Naan Berenji, which is the Persian version of rice cookies, the Persian dessert called Bamieh (not to be confused with the okra stew of the same name), and a recipe for Persian baked figs.

Ginger Cake with Caramel-Apple Topping

Ginger Cakes– Now, when it comes to ginger cakes you need not worry about finding a recipe that will suit your palate. Since ginger is highly versatile, it can be paired up with almost every imaginable ingredient to come up with a delicious cake. Your only problem would be if you really don’t like ginger at all. Here are some notable ginger cake recipes you might want to try:


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