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Kitchen Triumphs with Lasagna

I’ve been an avid foodie ever since I can remember. I don’t just love to eat, I love to cook too. I see my adventures in the kitchen as little challenges that test not only my creativity but my technical skills as well.

One of my most memorable kitchen triumphs was successfully making my first lasagna. The sense of accomplishment is something that people who have attempted to cook lasagna understands all too well.

First of all, making lasagna is a multi-step process and that doesn’t include preparing the ingredients. For a basic lasagna you need to prepare the lasagna sheets by boiling it until al dente (if you prefer to use commercially made lasagna sheets), cook the meat sauce, cook the cream sauce, arrange all of the ingredients, grate cheese and then bake it. Secondly, arranging lasagna is a matter that combines patience, dexterity and a passing knowledge of proper architecture. Layering the sauces and the lasagna sheets is not something you can just rush if you want a nice finished dish that will hold up well when it is portioned out to individual dishes.

But the hard work is worth it. Lasagna is one tasty dish. It is a crowd favorite and any gathering where homemade lasagna is served gets that extra special oomph because the guests feel the host took extra special preparations to feed them. Really, nothing says “I think you guys are important” than homemade lasagna.

Lasagna is not just the meat sauce and white sauce combo that we’re familiar with. There are a lot of lasagna variations that you can do if you are so inclined. Each one is special in its own way and all are equally delicious.

Yesterday was National Lasagna Day. It may be a day late but it’s still a great idea to get that baking dish out of the pantry and make some magic with lasagna.

Lasagna Recipes

World’s Best Lasagna

It may be a bit of overconfident of the originator of this lasagna dish to call it the World’s Best Lasagna, but with Italian sausage, ground beef and ricotta cheese in the mix, this could arguably be one of the best lasagna recipes out there.

Ham and Chicken Lasagna

Lasagna is commonly seen as a meat sauce and white sauce affair, but this Ham and Chicken Lasagna attempts to break that view with a unique take on this Italian favorite.

Ravioli and Zucchini Lasagna

Raviolis inside lasagna dish? Sounds strange, yes, but worthy of a try at the kitchen. In this ravioli and zucchini lasagna, the sliced ravioli acts as the lasagna sheets and the ravioli becomes a component of the meat sauce. It’s lasagna turned on its ear.

Mexican Lasagna

Lasagna with a very distinct Mexican pedigree. The pinto, kidney and black beans are a strange filling on paper but it really works. Give it a try.

Seafood Lasagna II

If you’re not a big fan of red meat but you still want a lasagna fix, try this Seafood Lasagna recipe. The beef has been replaced with crab meat, which makes it a little healthier.

Artichoke and Spinach Lasagna

A lasagna filled with veggies? This is the lasagna health conscious people are looking for. Serve this when you’ve got health nuts to impress at your party.


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