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What is Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day?

We’re all familiar with various national holidays and commemorative days – Christmas, Independence Day, Thanksgiving; even Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween. But there are also more obscure holidays that will make you scratch not just because of the holiday itself but what its origins are.

One example of a strange holiday is the one that is going to be celebrated tomorrow – Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day. The name of the holiday is something you can barely wrap around your head. What does it really mean? The origins of this day is quite obscure but apparently what this day is about is purchasing cheese and sacrificing some of it by placing it on a mouse trap to get rid of the mice in your home. Yes, it sounds far out but it’s what the day is really about.

But you can make a more appropriate sacrifice by not giving that cheese to a mouse (mice loving cheese is a myth anyway) and sacrificing it instead to your own culinary endeavors.

Cheese is a favorite ingredient in many dishes and it is as many as there are varieties of cheese in the world. It’s still a mystery how a person would think that curdled milk will actually taste so good. But whoever that unknown culinary hero is, he has our eternal gratitude for taking that first step for us. He should be given a special day.

Cheese recipes

Cheese is added to wide variety of dishes, the following are just a sample of the many uses of cheese when cooking:

Maria’s Stuffed Chicken Breasts

One of the many uses of cheeses in preparing dishes is as a stuffing. The sharp, salty taste of cheese brings a nice flavor and texture contrast as a stuffing to meats and it is most apparent in this stuffed chicken breasts recipe.

Pizza Rolls

Most people will point to pizzas if asked about the food they most often consume that has cheese in it, and for good reason – cheese is obviously a main ingredient in the making of pizzas. If you want to prepare something familiar and yet different at the same time to your kids Pizza Rolls are it.

Cheesy Catfish

A crust is also a very popular use for cheese. A cheese crust can be used for anything from savory dishes, sweet dishes to desserts. Here’s a nice cheese crust dish –  Cheesy Catfish.

Chicken Enchiladas

There is a misconception that since cheese is popular in Europe, then cheese is mainly made in Europe. But cheese is actually found in many countries around the world and it is part of the culinary staples of these countries. Chicken Enchiladas, a popular Mexican dish, is a perfect example.

Four Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

A favorite among kids, macaroni and cheese is the quintessential cheese dish that can be prepared in a jiffy. This is a more upscale version of the dish, featuring four kinds of cheeses.


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