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French Fries: The Quintessential Fast Food

The world is obsessed with fast food. In almost every corner of the world, except maybe in some places in remote Africa (that is if you won’t count tribal minorities catching a gazelle) you can find fastfood places that sell these unhealthy, nutritionally deficient food items. Or it’s actually being served inside your home! Just look at your pantry and ref and you’ll probably find some variation of a fastfood.

In the lexicon of fast food, one thing is certain, the French fries is its lingua franca. It is arguably the most popular fast food because it is brings forth the most essential elements of what fast food means – food that is prepared and cooked in a short time and can be eaten even when the person is on the go. And really, what is more convenient than sticks of potatoes fried to golden perfection with a sprinkling of salt and dipped (optionally) on ketchup.

You say Potato…

Potatoes, from which French fries are made, are a popular root crop – probably the most popular root crop on the planet because of its versatility and of course, for the millions of fries produced. It is interesting to note that the potato was only considered as edible in the west about 200 years ago. Since then, the potato has swiftly risen in popularity and has found itself in the plates all around the world, with the French fries being its most popular incarnation.

The exact origin of French fries is still open to debate. If we will base it on its name alone, the French were the first to drop potatoes into a boiling pot of oil. But the Belgians are also claiming that it was in their country that fries were born. By the 1830s though, fried potatoes were all the rage in both countries. It was the American soldiers returning home from the battlegrounds of Europe in World War I that brought home the practice of frying potatoes and with it the name “French fries.”

Today, more than 25 percent of all potatoes sold in the United Sates are made into French fries. Curiously, 25 percent of children in the US also say that they eat French fries instead of other veggies. And thus, the whole fast food culture comes full circle.

Celebrate the spud by preparing some French fries today – National French Fries Day.

French Fries Recipes

Homemade Crispy Seasoned French Fries

Nothing speaks more to the heart than saying a dish is “homemade.” So instead of buying fries from McDonalds, why don’t you make some homemade French fries? It’s easy enough to do anyway and you’ll give your family a non-processed version of a crowd favorite.

Baked French Fries

We all know that French fries are not exactly the healthiest food in the world. You can still indulge and lessen the guilt by preparing Baked French Fries. It’s so delicious no one will mind you didn’t fry it.

Twice-Cooked French Fries

Fries are deep fried in oil to its oily perfection. It’s how French fries are made. But why not try a good variation by twice cooking your fries? The result is a crispy outside and almost tender inside.

Batter-Dipped French Fries

Dipping potatoes in batter before frying them is a fairly novel concept. It’s like doing to potatoes what you would do to chicken when frying it. It’s a good combination anyway since fried chicken and French fries go together well so why not batter them all up?

Greek Style French Fries

These Greek Style French Fries are a very straightforward recipe. It’s basically the same French fries you know, right down to the cooking. It acquires its “Greek”-ness with the addition of ground oregano just before you serve it.

French-Fry Pie

This French-Fry Pie is a spiritual cousin of the Shepherd’s Pie, only with a fast food twist and way more dangerous to your heart. It’s still worth cooking. You only live once, right?


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