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Barbecued Spareribs for The Fourth of July

Today, Americans celebrate Independence Day. Expect a lot of celebrations all throughout the country and lot of food consumption to happen throughout the day. One of the dishes we will definitely see in a Fourth of July party are ribs, which is just perfect because July 4 is also National Barbecued Spareribs Day.

There’s something about eating ribs that make you feel so primal. It could probably be a throwback to our prehistoric past when our ancestors feasted on meat still clinging to the bone. Holding that rib with your fingers and gnawing at the tender meat makes you feel that connection to our ancestors and the thrill of the hunt. Forget decorum – ribs are best eaten with your hands and not with fancy schmancy silverware.

Ribs are some of the most enjoyable cuts of meat to eat. Cooked properly, it is succulent and tender and lends itself well to different kinds of recipes. The most common and most inexpensive cut of the ribs is the spareribs, which is usually taken from the area near the belly and the breastbone. Spareribs are a popular cut because it lends itself well to different kinds of dishes and cuisines. In fact, spareribs are part of the cuisines in both the West and the East. But when talking ribs the first thing that usually come to mind are barbecued spareribs. There is nothing like a glistening rack of spareribs to whet one’s appetite.

Barbecued spareribs is a crowd favorite and it is not uncommon to hear that someone has a secret recipe for the best barbecued spareribs. It’s the kind of dish that brings about creativity and also a passionate ownership of the food they prepare.

Cooking Spareribs

To ensure that you get the best meat for your dish, make sure that the meat of the spareribs is pink and the fat is white. Gray or yellow fat is not recommended. Spareribs do not contain a lot of meat so when shopping allocate a pound or a pound and a half per person. Yes, it may sound like a lot but it’s good rule of thumb when buying this cut of meat. You wouldn’t want guests to fight over your dish, right?

There are many ways of preparing spareribs. Some use dry rubs while others marinade it. If you are going to use a marinade, make sure that you don’t use a lot of salt if you plan to marinate the spareribs for more than four hours. Excess salt will cure the ribs and will result in a flavor that is more like ham or bacon.

Barbecued Spareribs recipes

Chinese Barbecued Spareribs

Chinese Barbecued Spareribs are a great variation on the traditional western barbecue taste. Hoisin sauce gives this recipe a sweet taste that is quite unique.

Slow Smoked Pork Spareribs

One of the qualities of barbecued food that we love is the smoked flavor of the dish. This recipe, slow smoking spareribs, cuts right down to the chase. Slow smoking imbues this dish with a cured flavor that’s perfect for parties.

Oven Barbecued Spareribs

Barbecuing can be quite a chore, let’s face it. That’s why a recipe like Oven Barbecued Spareribs gives a welcome shortcut for those who want to eat something barbecued but with less effort.

Saucy Barbecued Spareribs

I have friends who are so in love with the barbecue sauce used for cooking spareribs that they often wish they can have it as a siding with their mashed potatoes. If you have friends or family who feel the same, these Saucy Barbecued Ribs will be the perfect solution.

Barbecued Sage Spareribs

Sage is a natural compliment to barbecued food. It gives a very distinct aroma and taste. Barbecued Sage Spareribs can be something you can add to your arsenal of barbecued spareribs recipes.


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