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Nothing like an Apple Strudel Day

Savory or sweet, pastry has a way of making your mouth drool whenever you see it. I think the reason is quite simple – pastry hides the goodness that is within it and you are forced to imagine how that filling will taste in your mouth. The teasing can only go on for so long before you relent and get that pastry.

As pastries go, it is the sweet kind that gets the most attention. But then who can really resist the decadence of a pastry filled with a sweet filling of jam, fruit or whatever creative indulgence the baker prepared? For me, one of the best, most satisfying of pastries is the Apple Strudel. Fruit-filled pastry is what I love the most and an Apple Strudel fits the bill perfectly.

Americans may have Apple Pie – something that I also love – but an apple strudel is not just delicious, you can’t help but also feel that you’re partaking of an old history because strudels are one of the oldest known pastries in the world. The Apple Strudel (or Apfelstrudel) reportedly originated in Austria. Its Viennese origin is something Austrians are proud of. In fact, the oldest known strudel recipe – a handwritten recipe – can be found at the Vienna City and State Library. With today being National Apple Strudel Day, what better time to savor the merits of the apple strudel.

Apple strudel is absolutely delicious but, if you follow traditional procedures, it is also quite a pain to make. Traditional strudel pastry must be kneaded a certain way and it should be rolled to such a thin degree that you should be able to read a newspaper through it. And to top it off, it is rolled out to as large as bed sheet. Only upon reaching this degree of flimsiness can the addition of the apple filling begin. No wonder Apple Strudels are so delicious, the amount of work that is put into it means you really have to love what you’re doing.

But modern day cheats are becoming more prevalent. It is said that phyllo pastry is a good enough substitute to the traditional strudel dough and there are chefs that actually agree with this and condone the use of this shortcut.

Apple Strudel Recipes

Apple Strudel

This is a recipe that use phyllo dough for convenience. As strudel recipes go, this Apple Strudel recipe is quite simple and straightforward. You won’t have a lot of difficulty following this recipe.

Apple Strudel Muffins

This is a cool variation on the traditional Apple Strudel. This time it comes in the form of a muffin. It may not be considered a strudel anymore but Apple Strudel Muffins still sound scrumptious and a great breakfast starter.

Plymouth Apple-Cranberry Strudel

We’ve all heard of the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” There really is truth to the statement because apples have been found to contain a lot of healthy stuff including antioxidants. This Plymouth Apple – Cranberry Strudel recipe has double the benefits because it also contains cranberries, which are known to pack a lot of antioxidants as well. Eat this with lessened guilt.

Quince Apple Strudel with Quince Syrup

For most of us, a quince is not so much a fruit as a word used when playing Scrabble or Jeopardy (fruits that start with Q!). But a quince is a great fruit to add to a strudel and gives this Quince Apple Strudel an exotic name and taste. This recipe also has quince syrup which makes this dessert more decadent.

Apple and Cranberry Strudel with Orange and Star Anise

If someone says “apples and oranges” it refers to how some things can’t be compared with any fairness. But this Apple and Cranberry Strudel with Orange and Star Anise recipe shows that even if you can’t compare them fairly, they would still go well together.



There are many strudel variations that you can try if you’re willing to take the challenge of making strudels. As illustrated above, fruit-filled strudels are really popular. An apple and pear strudel is surely going to be a hit because both fruits have the same pulpy and juicy consistency that lends well to baking. Berries are also a popular filling. Aside from cranberry, a blackberry strudel is a great variation and equally scrumptious as well.

But if you really want to veer away from the obvious, there are some strudel recipes that border on the “what the…?!” but are surprisingly good dishes. For example, a strudel with sauerkraut filling may sound unappetizing but it surely packs a punch. Then there are the strudels that straddle that line between savory and sweet like braised pork strudel with green applesauce or veal strudel with applesauce. Now that’s the best of both worlds!



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