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What to Eat On Easter: Ham and Eggs Coming Up!

It’s Good Friday, and in many parts of the world, people are following the Christian tradition. Good Friday is the day that represents the last day of Jesus Christ as a man on earth. Sometime in the afternoon, he was crucified and died. This is one reason some people do not eat meat during this period – as a penance. Black Saturday continues to be a somber occasion for many, as it signifies the full day that the Christ spent buried in a tomb.

Easter Sunday, however, is a time to rejoice and celebrate the Resurrection. It is a time to celebrate life and rebirth. Moreover, Easter Sunday is the time for people to get together with family and friends. As such, much of the feasting and festivities happen on Easter Sunday.

You may already have planned what you’re going to prepare on Sunday, but in case you still have to tie up some loose ends, here are some ideas on what you can prepare – and eat – for Easter Sunday.

Ham in More Ways Than You Can Count

Easter Ham
One ham is the same as any other ham, isn’t it? Think again – there are so many ways you can prepare ham and even more ways that you can use it as an ingredient in other dishes.

Ham the way Grandma made it

Apple and Cider Baked HamThere’s nothing like a whole ham all golden and shining in the middle of the table to get one excited about dinner. I don’t know about you, but my Grandma sure made many a family event extra special because of her baked ham. If you want to start your own Easter tradition with a whole baked ham as the main dish, it would be a good idea to try out various recipes to find the best one that will suit you.

Here’s a sure winner: Apple and Cider Baked Ham with Plum and Ginger Chutney. Another not-so-ordinary way to prepare ham is to use sugarcane: Sugarcane Baked Ham with Spiced Apple and Pears. Now I don’t know, but the mere name makes my mouth water! If you want to stick to something simple, try pineapple instead. You can’t really go wrong with that. This recipe is also easier as it does not call for a whole ham: Zesty Ham and Pineapple. If all else fails, go back to the basics with this Mustard Baked Ham.


Tortellini Ham SaladSalad need not be a boring affair. For some people, when the word “salad” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is greenery. Leaves. Vegetables. Rabbit food. Not that there is anything wrong with these, but for some reason, greenery does not appeal to lots of people.

What you ought to remember is that salad refers to a wide assortment of dishes, including mixed salads that incorporate practically any ingredient that you may want to use. This Easter, you can introduce your “green salad-averse” guests to something more enticing: salad with ham (among other things). This Tortellini and Ham Salad is a good way to start, as who can not love pasta and ham thrown together? Tortellini is a type of pasta that is ring-shaped. It can be used in soups and – you guessed it – salads.

Another pasta-ham salad that leaves your taste buds with a fresh flavor is this: Basil Pasta and Ham Salad. The recipe calls for spiral pasta, but you can actually use your pasta of choice. (I wouldn’t suggest fettucini or any other long pasta, though.)

For meat lovers, here’s an even better idea: Turkey and Ham Salad with Greens. True, it does have greens, but you can always add more ham and turkey!

Wrap ‘em up with ham

Parma Ham-Wrapped ScallopsParma Ham is one of the finest hams that continental Europe has to offer. Ham lovers all over the world would give an arm and a leg to have parma ham anytime. Technically, only ham that is produced in the area around the hills of Parma, Italy is labeled as parma ham. They say that there are only four things needed to make real parma ham: pork (from pigs bred in the region), salt, air, and time.

Parma ham is used in a variety of dishes, and this Easter, you can add to the festivities by wrapping parma ham around your favorite food. Why not try Parma Ham-Wrapped Scallops with Marsala and Sage? Alternatively, you can get some cod and add flavor by wrapping it in parma ham: Cod Wrapped in Parma Ham with Leek Sauce. Another fish that tastes great with parma ham – monkfish. Here’s the recipe: Monkfish with Parma Ham.

Ham is easy as pie!

Easter Ham PieEveryone loves pie, right? So why not make a pie for Easter and make ham a main ingredient?

There are many ways you can use ham for pie and the flavors need not be the same all the time. You can stick to the basics and make this Easter Ham Pie with ricotta cheese and parmesan cheese. For added zest, follow this Deep-Dish Ham Pie Recipe which uses ground mustard. Want something hearty that will satisfy the biggest of appetites? This Hearty Ham Pie Recipe will do the trick. To make your pie even more filling, combine chicken with ham: Creamy Chicken and Ham Pie.

Easter Egg Recipes – It’s Not All About Eggs!

Easter Eggs
The Easter Egg is perhaps the most popular symbol of this holiday. While not everyone may know it, the use of eggs during this period actually stems from non-Christian practices. Nevertheless, eggs have continued to be used as a symbol of rebirth, life, and fertility – in perfect sync with what Easter is all about.

Make your own Easter eggs

Tie-Dyed Easter EggsEaster Eggs are hard-boiled and decorated brightly. If you want to know how to make your own Easter Eggs, check this out: Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs. Your hippie ancestors will be proud of you!

If those colors are too bright for your taste, you can always go the natural color route. With this Traditional Easter Marbled Pace Eggs recipe, you can come up with eggs that are colored brown, yellow, or slightly red. With the use of beetroot and spinach, you can even go with brighter red and green.

Easter egg treats need not be eggs!

Easter Egg TrufflesWho can resist sweets, especially when they are all over the place on Easter Sunday? For sure, even adults who are on a strict diet will cave in to the pressure. I personally think that Easter Egg sweets were invented for people who can’t stand real eggs or are allergic to them. You don’t need a reason to “invent” this treat for Sunday, though. This Easter Egg Truffles recipe will delight everyone in the party!

Can’t get enough of sugar? Sugar Easter Eggs will do the trick then, and they’re so simple to make! Remember, though, too much sugar can be bad for you!

Your arsenal of Easter treats will not be complete without chocolate. You can always buy them at the store, but if you’re in for some fun in the kitchen, then these Chocolate Easter Eggs are for you! Alternatively, try some Easter Egg Caramel Slices.

It’s an egg. No it’s bread. Or pie.

Easter Egg BreadTired of your everyday bread? For Easter Sunday, spice up your baking by making this Easter Egg Bread. For sure, it will not be anything like your run-of-the-mill baked goods. If this Easter Egg bread is too colorful, try the Portuguese 5-Egg Easter Bread.

Start Easter off right by making some French Toast – Easter Egg style. Kids and adults alike will definitely enjoy this treat on Sunday morning!

For dessert, this Easter Egg Pie recipe will be a delight both for the eyes and the taste buds. Chocolate eggs and M&Ms – tell me that does not make a sweet sound!

Have a happy and meaningful Easter celebration, everyone!

Images via Scott Hamlin, StSaling

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