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Feast of St. Joseph Meals

It’s widely believed that while Saint Patrick receives all the glory, Saint Joseph has the best food. While the feast foods a decidely Italian  flair, the birthday of Saint Joseph is celebrated around the world. On Saint Patrick’s Day you can “Eat Like You are Irish” and for the Feast of St. Joseph you can eat like you’re Italian!

Saint Joseph’s Pizza: San Giuseppe Sfincioni

Simple and easy, this pizza recipe is a great way to kick off the feast. This is the kind of recipe the whole family will enjoy.
Recipe Link: Saint Joseph’s Pizza: San Giuseppe Sfincioni Recipe

St. Joseph’s Day Pasta – Lasagnette Del San Giuseppe

This recipe is good for those interested in  a more traditional meal direction. Pasta dishes reign supreme during this feast. They are often created or topped off with breadcrumbs to symbolize sawdust – a nod to Joseph’s carpentry days.

Recipe Link: St. Joseph’s Day Pasta: Lasagnette Del San Giuseppe Recipe

St. Joseph’s Sawdust with Pasta

Pine nuts, currants and crushed red peppers really gives this dish a delicious rustic flavor. It is another pasta dish traditionally topped with breadcrumbs.

Recipe Link: St. Joseph’s Sawdust with Pasta

St. Joseph’s Bread

Another traditional St. Joseph’s Day Feast dish, this yeast bread is also called Pane di San Giuseppe. Golden raisins make this bread an extra special treat.

Recipe Link: St. Joseph’s Bread Recipe

St. Joseph Fig Cookies

Save room for the sweet treats! First up, this delicious fig cookie filled with figs, nuts and dried fruit topped off with vanilla icing.

Recipe Link: St. Joseph’s Fig Cookie Recipe

St. Joseph’s Cream Puffs: Sfinici Di San Giuseppe

Fritter. Filled with ricotta, chocolate vanilla, nuts, fruit. You can thank me later.

Recipe Link: Sfinci Di San Giuseppe Recipe

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