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Valentine’s Day Special: Chocolate and Candy Consumption [Infographic]

There is no doubt that when it comes to food, one of the most popular holidays is Valentine’s Day. Whether you go for an exquisite dinner with your beloved, cork open the champagne, enjoy lobster or just give some romantic presents and a bouquet of roses… Valentine’s Day is the ultimate romantic day for couples. With or without kids.

Of course chocolate and candy also are big favorites for Valentine’s Day and the consumption of both raises to very high level in this period. But how popular are chocolate and candy actually? And where does the idea of heart-shaped chocolate boxes come from?

Valentine's Day Infographic

The total production of candy hearts in 2009 was twice as long as the circumference of the Earth, when laid end to end, totaling 250,000,000 feet. 250,000,000 Feet!

The ever popular heart shaped boxes of chocolate are rather old already and first created by Richard Cadbury, of Cadbury fame. The son of Cadbury founder John Cadbury first created the now popular format in 1861, the year he took over the company, almost exactly 150 years ago. The mass production of the chocolate boxes in heart form followed 7 years later, shortly before the now second biggest chocolatier in the world would start to focus exclusively on cocoa recipes and products under master confectioner Frederic Kinchelman.

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