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Valentines Day Ideas for Couples with Kids

Valentine Cake

Delicious Valentine cake but how about something for the kids?

Valentines day is supposed to be a romantic day, but anyone with kids know that it is quite hard to make the day romantic when you have to all the kids and chores to attend to. So instead of having a relaxing day and a nice romantic dinner, a lot of couples end up just spending the day like any ordinary day. Those that make an effort to actually have a good Valentines surprise or dinner, usually end up having to eat out.

Having kids does not make celebrating the day of love impossible, though it admittedly takes more effort.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get to enjoy the day, is to get the kids to help you out. Instead of trying to get them out of the way, ask them to help you plan and prepare a sweet surprise for your special someone.

You can start the day right by waking up really early and preparing breakfast with your kids. It does not have to be a gourmet breakfast, with breakfast being something as simple as heart-shaped pancakes (se cookie cutters to cut the pancakes into hearts) and strawberry milkshakes. The important thing is that the kids help by getting ready for school really early, cooking with you, tidying up the kitchen, and jumping in bed as you all surprise your mate.

Try to get home early from work as well to prepare a simple Valentines day dinner. You can prepare one for the whole family, or arrange for the kids to spend the night at a friend’s house. If you have teenagers, they’ll be pretty happy if you let them stay out late even if it is a school night. There are lots of Valentines recipes that are simple to prepare and won’t require much cooking skills. So make time to celebrate Valentines day this year, because kids should never be a reason for you not to be able to show your special someone how much you love them.

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